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2024 Information -


  • The festival is open to all accredited high school instrumental jazz ensembles.

  • Competing jazz ensemble students may only represent one jazz ensemble and one school.

    • If a jazz ensemble student is participating in more than one jazz ensemble or school during the course of the festival, one jazz ensemble/school will be scored/in competition and one will be allowed to perform in a non-competitive capacity for comments only. This decision can be made by the directors of the ensembles.

      • Exception for students playing a different instrument – i.e. a student who plays trumpet in a band cannot play trumpet competitively in any other band.  A student who plays trumpet in a band is allowed to play bass in a different band, competitively.

  • Faculty, directors, or professional musicians are not allowed to perform in an ensemble unless they choose to perform in a non-competitive capacity for comments only.



  • Middle School/Jr. High School

  • A, AA, AAA, & AAAA for High School

    • A: 1 to 449

    • AA:  450 to 899

    • AAA: 900 to 1299

    • AAAA: 1300 +

  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th bands - Depending on the number of bands, 2nd bands will be placed a division below the school’s 1st band, 3rd bands will be placed a division below the 2nd band, etc. OR  2nd, 3rd & 4th bands might be scheduled in their own division.

  • Enrollment must be calculated from grades 9-11.

  • Divisions with a small number of bands may be combined.

    • For 2023, A & AA divisions have been combined



  • WARM UP – Thirty-minute warm up slot for high school groups. Twenty-minute warm up slot for middle schools.

  • PERFORMANCE – Twenty-minute performance time slot to set up, perform, and exit the stage.

  • PENALTY – A two-point penalty will be assessed for each full minute exceeding the set time limit.

  • CRITIQUE/CLINIC – Thirty-minute critique/rehearsal slot for high school groups and twenty-minute critique/rehearsal slot for middle school groups.  These will be with an adjudicator and full equipment set-up in the room (music stands, chairs, piano, drumset, amps).

  • SCHEDULING - The following are factors are used in scheduling bands for preliminary competition:

    • Bands will be scheduled in a block containing all bands in the same division.

    • Schedule within each division will be assigned randomly.

      • Consideration for out-of-festival conflicts (travel, personnel conflicts, etc.) will be evaluated and accommodated to the best of our ability.

    • In-festival conflicts such as director availability for multiple bands will be factored in with space for those directors to the best of our ability.

    • Festival loyalty - in the event the festival becomes full and/or a waitlist is created, bands with consistent, regular attendance will be given priority.

  • ADVANCING TO FINALS - The top 3 bands in each division will advance to the evening Finals round where final placement will be determined via judge deliberation.​



  • The announcement of finalist bands will be made as soon as possible after the last band from preliminaries in each division has performed.  Check the schedule for specific times of these announcements.

  • Middle School Division finals will begin at 6:30pm.

    • Each band will have a ten-minute time slot.  

    • Each middle school band should play one song.  They may repeat a song played earlier.

  • High School Finals will begin at 7pm (Divisions A/AA AAA, AAAA). 

    • High School bands should play music appropriate for the time allotted.  This time slot includes setup, performance, tear down, and exiting the stage. The recommended amount of music is approximately 8 minutes.

    • There is no requirement for number of songs, but rather a recommendation to avoid penalty by setting up, performing, and exiting within the 12 minute time slot.

    • Although highly encouraged, there is no requirement to play new material in the finals program.

    • Final placement and 

    • PLEASE respect other performing ensembles and the flow of the festival by keeping your performance within the allotted time.

  • All bands playing longer than the allotted twelve-minute time slot could result in disqualification from awards consideration.

  • Final placements within each division and sweepstakes will be determined via judge deliberation.



  • Scoring for all divisions will be the same without regard to size of school.  Judging sheets can be picked up at the end of the evening, or will be mailed after the festival. Performance mp3s will be available via Google link emailed to the director.




  • DO NOT MOVE DRUM EQUIPMENT ON STAGE – Cymbals and snare are okay to move. If you would like to remove one of the toms, please ask.

  • DO NOT move amps, piano, sounds shells, or any other equipment on stage other than cymbals and mics.

  • MICS may be moved for placement near your soloists.

  • Stage:  Groups will use a standard set up of chairs & stands, sound system, bass amp, guitar amp, drum kit (five drums, hi-hat, ride and two crash cymbals), acoustic piano (second performance area/piano or keyboard), vibes, and congas will be provided on stage (no vibes or congas in warm up rooms).

  • Percussion:  A drum set will be provided. Please bring your own sticks and mallets.  You must use the equipment provided. Exception: You will be allowed to change or add cymbals, snare, and add percussion instruments (i.e. timbales, congas, etc.) Your time limit remains twenty minutes for your performance plus on & off. Any special requests (i.e. left handed drummer) must be communicated to the stage manager prior to your performance and the festival will do its best to help with your set up.

  • Warm up rooms:  

    • Chairs & stands, piano/keyboard, bass and guitar amp, and drum kit. 

    • New since 2019 - NO vibes or congas will be provided in the warm up rooms.

  • Critique rooms:  

    • Chairs & stands, piano/keyboard, bass and guitar amp, and drum kit. 

    • New since 2019 - NO vibes or congas will be provided in the critique rooms.



  • Gym:  Each group will have its own area in the gym to store instrument cases.  Someone at the check-in table will direct you to your storage area.  Individual warm up will be allowed at a medium volume level.  This gym storage area will be monitored, but the Mead School District is not liable for missing items.  Please have someone from your group watch your instruments.

  • Mall:  The mall will have tables and chairs, displays from local music stores and concessions.

  • Repair: Minor repair services will be available in the mall area of the school.



  • Forms will be available via digital links.  Please fill out the performance form (four copies) and one copy of the set-up form. Bring them with you. There will not be a copier available! If you do not have all five sheets, you will need to fill them out by hand.



  • There will be volunteers in the parking lot directing bus parking and unloading.  We will be using one entrance for the festival.  This entrance is the set of glass doors located on the East side of the school.  The general public and participants will also use this entrance. As you check in, one of our volunteers will hand stamp, or provide wristbands for you, your students and chaperones.  Please have your bus drivers contact us if they will be entering to watch bands.  There is no admission fee for drivers.



  • Your guide will be with you throughout warm up, performance and will take you to your clinic room.  Meet your guide in the gym storage area five minutes before your scheduled warm up time and they will lead to your warm up room. 



  • All directors, chaperones, bus and equipment vehicle drivers, participants and students 18 and under will be admitted free of charge.

    • Free chaperone admission will be limited to TWO per ensemble.

  • Wristbands or hand stamps will be given to identify those with the performing ensembles.

  • Admission for adults 18 and over will be $10.



There are large boys and girls bathrooms next to the gym at the East entrance to the school and will be available for your students to use for changing rooms.  Please do not use the theatre restrooms for changing.



Concessions will be available at the festival most of the day Saturday. These concessions will be snack-type food and drinks.  


Fast food is also available in the vicinity along with pizza restaurants and Jimmy Johns that will deliver to the festival. There is also a Fred Meyer at the intersection of Division (HWY 395) and Hastings Rd.

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